Adnan of Kalem i Misk

On a recent trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia, we caught up with Adnan Lušija, a co-owner of a beautiful custom perfumery, Kalem i Misk, which specializes in making blends with high quality natural essences and some prepared fragrances – an experience not to be missed if you’re in the area. Discover his scent story below:

What is the story of your earliest memory strongly associated with a particular smell or fragrance?

Well, I really can’t remember exactly the earliest memory, but one of them is for sure the smell of my grandma’s luggage after Hajj – full of all kinds of perfumes and incenses, as gifts for everyone. In that time these gifts were something that we used for special occasions. The first oil fragrance that I got as a gift was sandalwood. It was a very dry and and slightly sweat smell that creates a beautiful shield around you. I fell in love with the piece so I wore all of it within a couple of weeks. I told my grandma about that, so I had a lesson about using perfumes because that was too short a period to finish it. Then I received another one. Actually, she gave me a scent of Taif rose that she bought for herself. I still have that perfume and, from time to time, I let it bring me to grandma’s side.

How did you become interested in the world of perfumery?

The perfumery idea was actually my father’s. His dream came true totally unexpectedly. The calligraphy master and shaykh, Kjazim, my father’s friend, gave the keys of the shop to my father and told him that it’s time to open the perfumery because, at that time, my brothers and I were out of jobs. We were perfume lovers but we did not plan to do it with our father. But we had to :). That was our entrance to the first tunnel of the perfumery world, and still we are finding our cave to settle in.

Tell us about your signature scent, if you have one, or a favorite perfume and why it speaks to you. 

For sure my signature scents are sandalwood based, because of the story above. The best combination I have is with rose and pepper.

Tell us about a couple of your favorite fragrances you’ve created or that you sell at your shop.

My favorite composition that I sell at shop is Muhammadi rose with oud. It was created during January 2017. But I like to mix perfumes in front of the customers. I have a beautiful time with them discussing everything, not only perfume. But even when it’s not about perfume, it always helps me to catch the accord that my customers are looking for. My favorite part of making perfume is creating it for couples, to bond them with the scent and to build the name of the shop in the beautiful love story.