Does Portives charge any fees?

No, Portives is completely free to use. You can donate to support the site through Paypal at donate@portives.com. We will ask you to donate a percentage of your sale after each sale is complete, but you can choose not to donate if you wish. We are testing this model to see if it can support and grow the site.

How do I request a refund?

Please open a case directly through Paypal by clicking on the transaction in your Paypal activity feed and then scrolling to the bottom, where you can click on ‘Resolution Center’. Alternatively, please go to this link - https://www.paypal.com/disputes/ You have 180 days from the purchase date to file a dispute.

Does Portives offer any buyer protection?

At the moment, since Portives is not receiving any payments for our service, we do not offer buyer protection, but all payments are done through Paypal, which has a robust buyer protection policy. We plan to offer some in the future.

Can I cancel an offer as a buyer?

This is not necessary, since offers are non-binding on Portives. But if you’d like to change an offer, you can simply submit a new offer and the previous offer will be cancelled.

Can I cancel an offer as a seller?

Yes, a cancel button will be available up until the buyer pays for the item.

Am I required to make a purchase if my offer is accepted?

No, offers are non-binding on Portives.

How do I change my username or Paypal email?

In the settings tab of the user area.

How do I write for or submit an article idea to Portives Editorial?

Please contact us at info@portives.com

The brand I’m selling is not listed, what do I do?

The ‘Designer’ and ‘Niche’ tier brand lists are curated by us, but the ‘Emerging’ tier is user generated, so you can enter any brand you like. If you believe a brand should be added to the ‘Designer’ or ‘Niche’ tier please email us at info@portives.com.

What does ‘Bump’ mean?

This will move your item to the top of the listing feed when other users browse the site as if it was a brand new listing. You can do this every 7 days to help your listing receive more attention.

Why can’t I edit the price of my listing after dropping the price 10%?

Because dropping the price moves the listing to the top of the feed, just like bumping, so this prevents users from repeatedly raising and dropping the price to gain more visibility. If you would like to change the price after dropping, you will have to create a new listing, but please be aware that you will lose any followers of the listing.

Why can I only post photos that are vertical, 3:4 ratio?

3:4 is the most common aspect ratio for photos taken with a mobile phone. We opted for vertical orientation because it fits the site design best, and keeps it looking clean and uniform.